I had been restarting my Buy Rs gold journey

  • The OSRS gold Wiki has included a new batch of programs!

    Approximately 2 months ago we posted a thread requesting ideas for new calculators to expand our repertoire. Well, we're pleased to announce we now have an range of new experience skill calculators. These could be used to figure the items needed from expertise or your level to a goal level/experience point. To view the calculators head over to the page for the new calculators or go to view all of the calculators we have on hand.

    For ease of accessibility, the calculator page will include the link to page, but each ability that has a calculator is going to have a link to its corresponding variation at the top of the page of the skill; here is an illustration of the calculator connected at top of page. Please read the general notes and assumptions/extra info we may have on the pages understand what you may be seeing as results when you are using these calculators.

    Here is the first iteration of those calculators and we are currently looking forward to your feedback on these for any adjustments made, much more, and additional things you'd like to include them on. This includes giving more calculator ideas which were not contained on the thread connected to us.

    I have a proposal for yall. Tier lists for firearms. I had been restarting my Buy Rs gold journey and wanted to get the 2nd greatest weapon to kill prifddinus guards since the rapier is out of my price range but I thought the abby dagger was also a little much I get that the information wasn't there but to click separately on a big list to find the weapon specifics is simply not excellent. However, like I said ive been gone for some time maybe you have something which fits this job and I havent found it yet.

    Posted by Rs mei