So this is all dependent on Madden 20 coins

  • So this is all dependent on Madden 20 coins what you deem as"realistic." I mean, honestly, not one of those dreams are realistic since EA won't spend jack **** to improve franchise since it's not a revenue. Some of them have been mentioned, but I will still name all the things I want (a lot of them were taken away, too).True strategies that affect how teams play in simulation.

    I recall back in... 2009 I think when they'd sliders to get run/pass, aggressiveness, blitzing, along with other things. I'd love to really craft a scheme, or simply be able to order more about the way the team plays. Like, perhaps I want to conduct a Spread crime that does not"use" a running QB? I'm not saying that this should be a item, but give us a few basic stuff!

    Assistant coaches, and coaching overhauls generally. It's neat that they have the little boosts you can buy with XP to your trainer, but really, they are useless, and after a couple of seasons you've probably bought them all and keep racking up XP for no reason. A change I think would be fun is if they did something kind of similar to X Factor and their superstar skills.

    We are going to call them Legacy Traits. Legacy Traits grant bonuses that are specific to your team in simulation and in sport and are attributes that have ranks. These could unlock by buy Mut 20 coins completing career landmarks and have a massive impact.

    Posted by Rs mei