One thing you can do is Mut 20 coins

  • One thing you can do is Mut 20 coins turn up the fumbling slider (up to decrease fumbles... yeah, it is not instinctive and not explained anywhere, but that is how it works).Tho I really do agree that it is a general problem for this years madden using fumbles (Enforcer commerce is the freaking worst), it's really also a QB problem, I tried giving a QB 99 CAR, still fumbled 4/6 hits I took outside the pocket, no RB can do it often.

    Is it honestly mad? If anything Madden has been always garbage for ages. If you're still buying it every year expecting anything different you're delusional.Thing is, I expect it to get better marginally.. Taking into consideration the technology we have today. Contemplating other EA games work correctly, have great franchise styles.. They had some bullshit dull ass story mode and think that's all they require. When I buy a game I expect it to work as advertised. Madden hasn't. Full of link problems and bugs.

    If its value anything, FIFA was likely at its worse this season with the amount of bugs they have had. NBA canceled their match, and NHL hasn't been great for quite a very long moment. They are in disarray.Exactly, these games get worse and worse, yet somehow move up in price? Ergonomically designed match based off what animation you get. No cool franchise style to keep you interested, they added this shitty story mode which looks rushed and lazy asf, thank god we've KO style? I guess? They're too lazy to give upgrades to Madden players that deserve upgrades..

    CPU does not have any hint where sidelines are.. buy Madden 20 coins players just run their path out of bounds, Madden players don't stretch for target line or down marker. The CPU does not have any awareness at all, yet there awareness score? The random penalties you get are rather annoying also. Or how about the classic"there's nothing to battle" bullshit. Like me? Then you go in replay, and recognize you would have won the challenge. Madden is not worth five bucks.

    Posted by Rs mei