I proposed something akin to OSRS gold

  • I like this idea! I proposed something akin to OSRS gold Division 2 at which special loot is dropped from the wilderness which may be collecred by taking it into drop-off points. I believe that your idea is much more sustainable. There will stay a regain value, until it started to saturate the market, but that special loot I came up with could just be valuable.

    Of course, they could make the loot rare. The thought was if you picked it up, the wilderness would taints it and prevent teleportation, requiring you to deposit it to a station where they wash are return it to a bank. You'd eliminate none of your gear allowing individuals to go back to test again.

    Lowering the barrier to entry in the wildy is the secret to giving it life. The higher the cost, the less people will risk it and also the pkers must hotel to induce people to earn gp. I think my thought is still beneficial, but only if its reworked to fit into OP's idea which I find much better as a GENERAL framework for the wildy.

    They could convert some worlds to limiters on Wildy gear tier (so grade 70 max, tier 80 maximum, tier 90 max, and of course the non-limited worlds). This would create variety in play as some benefits of gear are stripped and forced to be adapted creating new set ups.

    Cheap and simple, but it would leave pkers with no content which is what I'm trying to avoid. I've never pked myself but they really do deserve their place in runescape. If we remove the Buy Runescape gold wilderness and put in the revenants back, death would be similar to my alternative (except you would be murdered by npc's versus a runescape participant, and my proposal was at double the reclaim cost).

    Posted by Rs mei