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Classifieds » Business » This sees you going from PoE trade currency

This sees you going from PoE trade currency

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You are going to have to PoE goods prepare your self for adds spawning in, so dispatch of them when the ideal moment arises. One particular opportunity to do so is when The Phoenix begins to station Fire Bomb, therefore in this example, you'll want to move off and take out anything else knocking around in the process.

You are going to want to keep ruby flasks handy too, as you'll need to maintain as much fire resistance up as you can.

What makes this battle so distinct, and in turn, a whole lot harder, is that it is composed of four boss phases and three add phases. The include stages, specifically, are a difficult challenge, with there having an added boss to greet you which poses a hazard on the level using The Chimera.

1 thing that you will most certainly want to avoid is the red circle that The Chimera forms because of his Combo Attack. Aside from that, the remainder of his attacks shouldn't deal you too much damage, although the Charge and Hidden Attacks could cause you some issues, so be sure to save some flasks just in case.

For an stage will start. This sees you going from PoE trade currency every cage taking out waves of adds, after which you will spawn the insert boss through the cage at the bottom-right. They might just add supervisors, but you should treat them with the same respect as the struggle with The Chimera nevertheless.