I do have an notion about Madden 20 coins

  • I do have an notion about Madden 20 coins what it would take to employ a quality developer that may implement this feature and other desired features without the negative setbacks you cite, and to get a BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY, they could manage it.

    I am a 55/45 pass to run and 77% out of gun. I attempt to stay in my game. However, I know most of the men and women who operate and run stretch all the time. A bunch of those zone blitzes, pinch dog, pinch buck. You get sacked within 2 seconds of the snap on a pass. Coincidentally the very best way to beat those blitzes are outside runs. I bet if it wasn't constant pinch blitzing on defense offense would pass. Yeah there are ways to overcome those passing but risk a 8 yard loss. If you cant create that instantaneous read also it be available. Just the same way people remain running I kind stretch or anything, defense remains in their bs blitz every play. Both side are exploited.

    Very very good point, playing out of 3-4 odd switching and all match between 4 plays means, if u find something that works against 2 or 3 of those plays, why not keep working it? To clarify, I run the Cardinals offense so I run about 70/30 pass-run. Really the new setup that is 3-4 stops stretch. It glitches the blocking out and the OLB will not get blocked. I confront 3-4 odd with the same setup pretty much every game. Personally, I run 4-3. I run exactly what the Chiefs do.

    This is not even checkers but much more like tic tac toe. It isnt about approach I concur. I guess that is exactly what momentum change was set in Madden for but if you need 3 hit sticks to buy Mut 20 coins close off it that my suck. Or mybe the momentum shift combo that is selfless and expect like he'll that hit sticks soil.

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