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Classifieds » Business » They attempt to OSRS gold revive it using

They attempt to OSRS gold revive it using

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They attempt to OSRS gold revive it using hugely underpowered and fatally flawed updates, and when they flop it's"proof" that PvP is dead. Because it's actually worth doing, warbands, though it has many flaws, manages to draw hundreds of people.

Why do people insist on revenants rather than PKers? If anything, revenants are more annoying since they'll be patrolling each the Wilderness 24/7 and killing everybody indiscriminately. Today, unless you are at a hot spot like warbands or lava wyrms it is rare to see a PKer. In case revenants are as tough as everyone seems to think they are (they are not ), the Wilderness will be a hundred times more frustrating for skillers.Isn't it unbalanced to have a powerful but periodic and restricted pvp hazard like pkers than weaker but omnipresent and regular pvm risks like revs? Never have I got pked since it is pointless for pkers to search there. Revs would make a threat than pkers cannot supply.

People today moan about getting PK'erectile dysfunction in the wilderness because they never come prepared, and why do you? That is millions of gold, and hundreds of hours worth of equipment you're hauling out to the wild, and risking permanently losing in a fight that could be within 30 minutes.

Nobody in their right mind would like to do that. Double reclaim cost in wildy, half it gets dropped to the PKer if you're killed, none of all the things are dropped (excluding possibly items earned from the Cheap Runescape gold wildy, like Rev drops, but that's up to Jagex).That alone would fix a lot of what's wrong in the wildy, I would be more willing to bring gear to shield myself with if I knew I wasn't going to lose it all if I died, and instead just pay 2x the recover cost.