OSRS gold training and it will greatly

  • Just make cursed energy untradable, that's definitely the major reason why several bots go in the wildy anyway. Then runescape players can still use it to OSRS gold training and it will greatly reduce botting as they are largely on f2p and the light energy they could convert it is nearly useless.

    They might also keep the mechanic were cursed energy gets rid to make everyone by anybody in the crater still attackable. If folks think it's not enough risk like that, then they can add a mechanic like the trees in which the energy that is cursed disappears when you move too far from the crater. You would need to transmute it near the crater to not lose it then in the event that you gather energy for moneymaking or invention there. When they go this route then they can perhaps also give cursed energy a small stack limit to induce people to transmute it into tradable energies frequently.

    Because slaying lava wyrms with a 50k death cost locking you to a pker in death cost isn't reasonable. Not worth restricting most of the stage of cursed energy out of ironmanning div charges (buyable fast div xp).The crazy's danger is **** because to defend yourself you risk losing 100's of mils or you're stuck as fodder in discriminated against someone willing to risk t90+ equipment, not a 5m death cost. Opening the wild into your normal gear without risk (other than double/triple passing cost) gives pkers better targets than agil/moth/energy/rc trainers and their skulls. A skull trick increasing the death price slightly kinda kills the point of skull tips and baits so that it's a triumph against the major negatives of the area.

    EoC PvP is basically dead for a whole lot of reasons, and It's likely not coming backagain. Perhaps if the uncontrolled had a comparatively lower risk (and much less chance of Cheap Runescape gold randomly shedding a Bil in equipment due to a bug) people would really engage with all the content.

    Posted by Rs mei