Classifieds » Business » I'm really very annoyed to Dofus Kamas

Classifieds » Business » I'm really very annoyed to Dofus Kamas

I'm really very annoyed to Dofus Kamas


I'm really very annoyed to Dofus Kamas find the launcher. There's one difficulty why I don't utilize the Ankama launcher, and that is due to memory leaks. I can not play for over 30 minutes to an hour without needing to restart my game because of it.old launcher will continually be bae, forcing me to use a new launcher that I will literally just use for dofus is beyond irritating.

It'll have the same purpose as the older launcher. There are 0 problems with it unless a Dofus player wishes to play wakfu or some thing, in which case they could install the new launcher.Why are you trying to induce the new launcher down our throats? It only keep crashing my game and draining memory although I've tried using the one multiple times. I don't have any problems playing 6-8 customers with the older launcher in any way.

I always play using Steam version of Dofus. Then I open additional customers with the launcher that is frequent. There is anything or no update although It says I need version of the launcher when I attempt to open it through Steam. Any ideas what to do? Additionally question, how do I turn off the choice for ankama launcher to log me in to Dofus game? I went through the settings, and the options I found set it to log me into match, to host choice or directly into personality selection. What if I want to log manually?

Awful launcher. Christ, only enable us to Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro use the old one as well. The new launcher lacks multiple customers with Ctrl + #'s function; it also logs you. . why? The launcher that is old was better in every way, some might argue the aesthetic. I really don't observe a purpose in. To log in, longer to open accounts logs without giving you the option. Who benefits from this? This is simply an annoyance to just about everyone currently playing with with this Dofus game.