Whilst Jagex were pleased to OSRS gold

  • Whilst Jagex were pleased to OSRS gold let items run amok there was one glaring problem that they would not stick -- and rightfully so-called real-world trading; this is, the exchange of real cash for products that are in-game. They viewed this as a proof of the intellectual property and it made them furious -- even going so far as to sue the creators of'bot' accounts used for gold-farming for an amount that"exceeded six figures". Jagex eliminated the whole idea of'free' trade in the runescape game -- meaning that transactions must be fair in this Grand Exchange's eyes, with a rather restricted allowance for imbalance.

    This meant that the benefits for PvP proved neutered -- as previously the victorious runescape participant would keep 100 percent of the spoils, the maximum value that could be dropped by a defeated combatant was severely limited to prevent trades.

    No more could a runescape player lend their friend a sum of cash to help get their account began; nor can a runescape player winning a PvP duel pocket over a few million coins -- even compared to Buy Runescape gold hundreds of millions which were often put at stake. To say this upgrade was very unpopular is a massive understatement, and it was the conclusion that led to several diehard fans stopping the runescape game just months following the membership foundation handed one million.

    The conclusion was reversed under four years after, just in 2011, but by that point the damage had been done. The runescape playerbase plummeted, as well as the runescape game that had seen concurrent online-runescape players was facing a mass exodus. This wasn't the passing of RuneScapenor was it the passing of the runescape game quality. With this stage, the runescape game had seen 130 quests released -- most of which written with the exact same tongue-in-cheek humour and occasional pop-culture references that lent some undeniable allure into the runescape game and kept runescape players interested, one seven-quest storyline even ended up spanning nearly 13 years.

    Posted by Rs mei