Everything in the Maplestory M Mesos

  • I prefer damn near everything in the Maplestory M Mesos original Maplestory except the server stability...The first maplestory has my favorite class from any MMORPG of all time, the Kanna, able to increase spawn rate and density of mobs on a map by
    efficiently 75 percent once you place them together. Makes for fun questing, lots of loot, easy to acquire market items/etc... Just fun overall course to perform with its other map broad attack abilities and cool things it can do.

    Familiars are monster summons that follow you around and attack stuff. When you kill a monster, it has an opportunity to shed a Familiar Card (Use tab item). Double click on this card and provide your recognizable a name. You may never
    change the name again so pick carefully!

    The familiar will be summoned and it stays alive until it runs out of energy (reddish orb above its head). Attacking things consumes vitality, but walking/sitting around doesn't. In case you have several of the exact same familiar card,
    you can use it in order to increase the max vitality of your familiar up to 3 orbs. When your familiar gets overly tired it will disappear and you cannot summon it for a brief time period.

    A hint to bypass this cooldown is to either change channels or input the cash shop before the summon disappears, this will reset its own vitality. After using the familiar card first time, you need to buy Maple M Mesos start your Dragon Book to locate it.
    The most common usage of familiars is for the buffs they could provide.

    The very popular and useful ones you'll see are the Big Spider/Mutant Pig (+60% item and meso drop, stacks with cash store coupons but NOT with other 2x Use tab buffs), Mr. Ali (HP and MP regen), and Mutant Snail (HP and MP regen to your
    whole party).

    Posted by Rs mei