lvl equipment that's far OSRS gold

  • As for runescape players being"gifted" highly sought after items: first off virtus armor is not THAT highly sought after, it's a fantastic mid-high lvl equipment that's far OSRS gold more economical that its higher grade alternatives. Second off
    involving runescape players being able to get a huge number of gp by getting a dye from a hint scroll (which may also be contemplated gifting runescape players with gp via RND afterward ), the item being only dropped by Nex,

    a runescape player only buying the gear (easier than purchasing keys and expect to get this super rare thing ), or simply being able to purchase a bond and sell it for more than that which virst armor is worth anyway, this way of getting
    it's not any more gifting the armor into runescape players compared to those others ways are, except in this manner they can not sell the virtus to assist update their armor.

    Interesting article, but seeing OSRS though. As you acknowledge buy runescape mobile gold doesn't have any MTX excluding out of bonds. You suggest Jagex have a freemium strategy to the runescape game, with RunePass becoming the subscription. With that being
    said can OSRS fall into the business model?

    The runescape game retains significance if P2P turned into a free option to runescape players. Can Jagex then barricade their popular variant of the runescape game supporting this new RunePass 

    subscription trying to salvage the income they receive or require another strategy?

    Posted by Rs mei