Boring solo challenges to Mut 20 coins

  • It's not possible to win.TL; DR: grind 100 hours of boring solo challenges to Mut 20 coins get an typical team, or spend money to get a team that could compete with the men and women you'll be paired with. Pay to acquire bullshit. I can't even go in
    Exhibition since it does not even track my win/loss record with various teams. This match is criminally awful.That's the purpose. You see they have so much better of a group and lose out. They sacrifice players to find those players to
    stop outside or pony up.

    I really don't think kaptingavrin is saying that OVR should be the sole criteria for matchmaking but that it ought to be taken into consideration as well as other factors.Either manner, the point still stands that they are incentivizing
    pay to triumph. If you're right, all that signifies is that two players of comparable ability should be competitive with each other but quite possibly might not be due to one participant having paid for buy Madden nfl 20 coins their staff to be better.

    What difference does it make if you are at a pool with better players who choose lesser teams if you don't stand a chance against similarly skilled players just because they're willing/able to spend more money than you? At least at the
    former scenario you're able to say that you were legitimately defeated by a better opponent whereas in the latter the only distinction is willingness/ability to spend money.

    Posted by Rs mei