Vanilla wow classic gold that has been actively

  • When Nostalrius, the legacy servers such as Vanilla wow classic gold that has been actively managed and managed by a team of lovers, had closed down in April it triggered a wave of support that Blizzard had not seen before. Having met with senior executives Blizzard, the Nostalrius team revealed that the company is open to heritage servers. "These men wish to have heritage WOW servers, that's for certain. They DO have the source code for Vanilla WOW".

    It's not simple as it seems though. Plenty of additional info -- like models, information, maps -- remains required and they may need to be recreated. "Not all of this information was under a version control system. In the long run, all these parts were missing at any given stage, they might have to be recreated: this is likely to take a lot of resources through a long development procedure." This is not such as the gloss that Blizzard wants to bring to the gold in wow classic end product.

    Regardless, the meeting proved to be a powerful step forward. "To sum up: the good surprise of this meeting was that the level of involvement of all these Blizzard people toward creating legacy servers a reality. The downside is that the technical problem it'll take to achieve our objective.

    Blizzard is now well aware of the amount of players eager to play legacy servers, something that wasn't the case until Nostalrius shutdown." So while it not may occur tomorrow, legacy server lovers can at least take heart that some efforts are being made. Huge Halloween SALE up to 8% Classic Bonus

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