Thanks great to know the Tera gold

  • Thanks great to know the Tera gold battle was always pretty fun!

    Every MMO better get their expansion pack, beta creators pack etc out quickly, because WoW route and expansion is coming.

    Playing a control is only frustrating when playing a class which has a slew of abilities. Most courses though I had no problems playing with a controller without any problems using the trigger buttons to buy Tera items change pages to utilize abilities (seems people suffer from this for some purpose ).

    However, the real problem with the console versions, and also its a HUGE one, is that they are the red-headed measure child of a red-headed measure kid.

    Nothing has fixed and upgrades are few are far between. There are bugs galore which aren't being repaired (dont play Archer in case you PvP) also there's no upgrade schedule(except possibly to include from the classes that have been in the game for decades ).

    Posted by Rs mei