AV3922-060 Jordan Legacy 312 Black Suede is Hitting Shelves

  • The new shoe, the Jordan Legacy 312, which was born last year, was created by the famous street brand Just Don, Don C and Jordan Brand. Recently, the new color scheme has appeared frequently. Known as the "strongest three-in-one", the Jordan Legacy 312, naturally with a hybrid design, its name shows the elements of the shoe it contains, 312 corresponding to Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 1 and Air Trainer 2, respectively. Combine these three classics and the popular shoes, the name of "the strongest three-in-one" comes from this! The new color of Jordan Legacy 312 Black Suede is the theme of classic black and red. The large black suede matches the same midsole as the Hurricane Air Jordan 3 “Katrina”. The red accent on the heel of the midsole is the crowning touch of the whole pair of shoes. The integration of the explosion cracks enhances the layering of the whole pair of shoes. Compared with the previous color scheme, this pair of black and red is obviously more classic and more OG.

    In the past two years, Air Jordan 1 is extremely popular. The nine-hole OG version is very expensive, which has caused many players to retreat to the next level. Many of the Zhongbang color schemes have been nicknamed “Little Black Red” and “Little Broken”. Recently, there is another pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid, which is similar in color to white buckle. It is a veritable "small buckle". The overall color distribution is the same as the white buckle. The only difference is that the white part of the upper is slightly bare pink, but it is not obvious from a distance. The laces are standard blue, and it is necessary to change the white laces to be more like white buckles.

    Formally stepping into 2019, I believe that the most sneaker players have been screened by Air Jordan 12, Converse and other various CNY series, but there are two pairs of Air Max 98 in the Nike lineup. The two pairs are exclusively for men and girls. The men's shoes are printed with the same paintings as “Tianjin Spray”. The details are combined with up to six different materials, each of which comes from the Nike “CNY” series. The shoes of the past 12 years have fully explained the design inspiration of Baijiayi. The girls' exclusive is similar to the CLOT x Air Jordan 13 released last year. The shoes are replaced with a vermilion Chinese style embossing. They can also be seen on the heel label of the Nike Air Max 98 CNY women's shoes with the Nike Air Force. 1 Low Year of the Dragon series is similar to the rainbow luster material. Both color schemes are rich in Chinese elements in design, and with the coming of the Chinese Year, you can really feel the scent of the year, plus the specifications of the male and female couples, it is still a bit difficult to start with the original price.

    Posted by lucy blair