What exactly is hollow louver glass

  •  The built-in louver insulating glass system is known as hollow louver, which may be a new energy-saving product to get installing louvers in insulating glass.

    Combining traditional the blinds with insulating glass, them saves space and trouble, and achieves comprehensive overall performance of insulating glass insulation and blinds. The hollow louver is known for a louver lifting function including a flip angle of 180 college diplomas, and the operation control from the louver is realized simply by manually or electrically controlling the closing device and also the lifting device. The hollow 100 might realize the lifting and turning in the louver, and the structure is reasonable and also the operation is simple. These have good shading performance, enhances the insulation performance connected with insulating glass, improves the indoor light environment, and is widely used in energy-saving constructing doors and windows.

    Laminated glass for sale window can be a traditional sunshade product. It will always be artificial. The architectural decoration firm uses magnetic force to control the blinds in the hollow glass inside the hollow glass interior, and these can be easily raised or decreased by 180 degrees. Your jewelry not only saves space but in addition achieves sunshade purposes. Additionally , it has insulation and anti-noise features, while giving buildings and also interiors a novel eyesight.

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