Classifieds » Anything Hollywood » We are all aware that jagex is directing quest

Classifieds » Anything Hollywood » We are all aware that jagex is directing quest

We are all aware that jagex is directing quest


Does this sound positive or negative? It's difficult to determine if the price of rune ore will fall, seeing as although there are more rune rock available for players who want to RS gold mine, I don't find many free plays having 85 mining and above just to mine rune ore. If they're members, they will have better rune spots that they can mine at that of the mining Guild.

Although rune stones are more affordable, it's unlikely that enough people will take advantage. The price could decrease by a few ks, but not nearly as significantly as the price of a rock.

For the guild, idk about you, but it was already quite crowded prior to the resource dungeons update. The guild was very popular because of the abundance of coal rocks and Miths. I am sure that the update is going to bring a few more members to the guild. You know what I mean. I ask a lot regarding account management, and honestly, i only would like one account to be rich and be able to fight at a high level. So I prefer to keep one account.

I have a level 78 account. It's my member account. He is very poor and has only 2 mil. My target's for this account was to get all skills to 70, but im not sure, as much as I'd like to, but i kinda get caught up with other accounts because im bored of doing one thing. (His abilities are listed in his signature).

My Second account: I've set targets of 40 attack 60 strength, 70 range & magic. (Currently it's the account I'm working on. My Third account is a general account, however it has combat capabilities of around 30-40 for each one, but could be enhanced.

My fourth account is master. Except for the level 78, none of the These members are my fourth account. I have a question: Which one should I adhere to, and which should you improve?

I would like to improve my level 78 but im not sure what to train first for money to start for getting all other skills to 70, but then again I wouldn't mind working on my account in its pure form (the second one i said about) but he needs to be improved so much! What do I do? What is the best thing to do?

We are all aware that jagex is directing quest lines to a second godwars, no one is aware of how they will get around the obstacles in the narrative (namely Guthix edicts). What god will they choose? Which god will be the one buy RuneScape gold to launch the project? Which mahjrahart is going to become a god? What is the most epic god wars?