Classifieds » Anything Hollywood » Talents were an awful mechanic.

Classifieds » Anything Hollywood » Talents were an awful mechanic.

Talents were an awful mechanic.


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Making the decision to level up and which place to put that points of talent and the spells I could buy was an important decision. In a later expansion I was shocked to find out that the place which allowed me to invest just one talent... 10 was the only one I could find. 15? levels. Each level was learned slowly and there was never a pressure to master the skill. This was a sad fact. But, it's okay for me.

I'm in agreement with their logic on the need to modify their talent trees (too typical that most people just searched for a build which they liked and that was that, things like 1% of talent increases damage to targets not being "exciting") however, they just made them more flexible with choices which... ended in being cookie-cutter and/or mandatory for the spec be pleasant and even more restrictive.

Too diluted even for a noob. Back them it seemed that they were trying to appeal to a informal player base. This didn't work for casual players.

It's not a win-win scenario for developers, i believe. Certain gamers (like you) are addicted to the totally fake feeling of authority, mastery and an individual identity that you gained from putting points into exactly those same areas in the same way that everyone else. If you limit yourself to feasible alternatives that are balanced, but without a one right answer, they're confused, sad, and constrained.

Talents were an awful mechanic. Smart people searched for the best levelling spec and then followed it with a mindless. Noobs and casuals were screwed. The smart people researched the top raiding spec, and sat in awe of it, noobs and casuals got hurt again. Raids packed with abso-fuckingly alike warriors and warlocks as well as mages and rogues adhering to the same BiS sets and sporting identical sequences, resulted in raids with identical specifications. Complete homogeneity and consistency for the experienced, a million ways to buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold **** up and get labeled a novice for everybody else, and pay a gold tax in order to correct it.