Causes of hair loss in children

  • Some children have the habit of wrapping their hair around their fingers and pulling it when they think, get nervous or are puzzled by something. This is just a nervous tic, which the doctors gave the magnificent name trichotillomania, and, if left untreated, the child may develop bald patches. Causes of hair loss in children. Another cause of partial baldness is neurogenic alopecia, in other words, baldness.


    This is a much more serious disease, in which several completely bare areas appear on the head. This condition can occur after any completely ordinary illness or after a strong emotional shock. Of course, this phenomenon looks intimidating.


    But it goes away for several months, and the hair grows back. Partial baldness may occur due to a fungal disease. In this case, small patches appear on the child’s head, on which the skin peels, reddens and itches a little.


    It also happens that hair grows poorly for hereditary reasons. Sometimes hair loss provokes chemotherapy for serious blood diseases and malignant conditions. Any serious illness, especially accompanied by a high temperature, leads to hair loss and a temporary deterioration in their structure.


    Alopecia areata

    With alopecia areata, baldness can occur in a matter of days, and sometimes hours. In the evening the child went to bed, and in the morning, he woke up with fallen hair. At the same time, not the entire part of the head is affected, but its individual sections of a round or oval shape – the “nest”. They are completely smooth and have no signs of inflammation or peeling.

    Also, unlike ringworm, broken hair is not observed. By the way, you can find out whether the affected area will grow. For this, the hairs located on the edge of the “nest” are pulled. If they are easily pulled out, then the area will continue to expand.

    Posted by priya naidu