Einthusan – Best Einthusan Alternatives 2020

  • Are you a fan of Indian regional movies like Tamil movies and Telugu movies? If yes then you should read this blog. In this blog, I will show you the best Einthusan alternatives where you can stream high-quality Indian regional movies.
    Einthusan is an Indian streaming site that allows streaming online Indian movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and other languages. You can stream free Indian movies on Einthusan as its library has 4000+ Indian regional movies.

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    It also offers a one-time fee option from which you can watch your favorite movies without ads. Right now, Einthusan is not accessible in India. If you’re living in Indian then you can use a VPN to stream blocked content.
    Also, fans living in Canada or the USA can connect to VPN Canada Canada or the USA to stream everything without geo-restrictions.
    Below I am listing down the best Einthusan Alternatives that you can try to easily stream most of the underrated Indian regional movies. Without further ado, let’s explore the most popular alternatives to Einthusan.
    The Best Einthusan Alternatives- Stream High-Quality Movies

    1. Sony Liv
    Sony Liv is powered by Sony India and offers you the opportunity to enjoy a great collection of South Indian movies.
    With Sony Liv, you can stream movies for free, but ads will appear during the streaming session. To ignore ads, you can also get the Sony Liv monthly subscription.

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    2. Yupp TV
    Yupp TV is one of the best ways to access Indian movies. One great thing about the platform is that it never lets you get frustrated with the plethora of ads, which means you can flawlessly enjoy your favorite Indian movies.
    Moreover, YuppTV offers an incredible range of categories to select from including Cinema, Comedy, business, and more. User-interface is also quite exotic, giving you another reason to try the service.

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    3. HotStar
    When we talk about Indian content then it’s impossible not to mention Hotstar. HotStar is one of the biggest Indian streaming services powered by Star India. You can expect to stream an immense collection of Tamil and other Indian movies on Hotstar. Hotstar also has a free section full of Indian content but some movies and series are only available with a subscription.

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    4. Pluto TV
    Pluto TV is completely free and you can watch various TV shows, movies and 100 channels for streaming are also available. There will be some advertisements in between your programming session since the TV earns from the ads. Pluto TV also offers on-demand movies and provides compatible apps for Android, iOS, and Apple TV.

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    5. YuppFlix
    YuppFlix is your home to Indian content where you can watch various Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and other Indian movies are also available. YupFlix offers a 3-days free trial and if you are all good with the website then you can get its subscription plan to continue streaming.

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    6. Zenga TV
    Zenga TV also offers quality viewing all along with the best range of channels to stream. You can browse multiple categories like languages and states to select your most favorite Indian content.
    Zenga TV offers separate channels for music, TV shows, and movies giving you a good chance to quickly watch whatever you want.

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    7. YouTube
    YouTube wins worldwide popularity and it is one of the best video platforms. On YouTube, certain channels dedicatedly publish Indian movies based on different state languages. You can try YouTube to find and watch Einthusan similar collection of movies for free.

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    8. Eros Now
    Eros Now should be your destination to search and watch free Indian movies. You can select movies based on three categories including the most popular, genre, and language. Eros Now offers thousands of Indian hits, exclusives series, and originals. If you want to enjoy movies without ads then you can also consider buying Eros Now subscription.

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    9. Netflix
    Netflix India is also a great alternative to Einthusan. You can stream high-quality Indian movies on Netflix. With a huge content library of Indian movies, you can select any of your favorite Indian movies on Netflix India.

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    10. Zee 5
    Zee 5 is also a good option to stream Indian movies. Right now, this video streaming platform is famous for most of its original series, but you can also watch many Indian movies. Zee 5 enables you to stream content in many languages like Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, and more.

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    11. DesiTVBox
    DesiTVBox is a good website where you can find a collection of Indian channels to watch and enjoy. It offers unlimited serials and Indian shows without ads and unnecessary delays to make streaming more pleasurable.

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    12. India Everyday TV
    India Everyday TV presents you with a plethora of the most trending TV shows and movies. You can also stream a number of TV channels with India Everyday TV. It’s a very amazing portal to select content as per your desired state and language.

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    13. FreeTVAll
    FreeTVAll is a free service where you can watch a lot of content including movies and TV shows. The best thing about the portal is that it is not limited to Indian content which means that you can also stream other channels of the world.
    There are different categories available like sports, music, comedy, business and more to let you select whatever you want.

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    14. DesiTVBox
    DesiTVBox is a good website where you can find a collection of Indian channels to watch and enjoy. It offers unlimited serials and Indian shows without ads and unnecessary delays to make streaming more pleasurable.

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