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Can the wood flooring be used indoors?

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    July 16, 2017 10:03 PM EDT

    Wood-plastic flooring is a new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, in the production of high-density fiberboard produced by the process of xylenol, adding recycled plastic through the granulation equipment made of wood-plastic composite materials, and then extrusion production group Made of wood flooring, both wood and plastic properties and characteristics, can replace wood and plastic new environmentally friendly high-tech materials
    Wooden flooring can also be divided into two kinds, one is used in the outdoors, one is to use indoor, outdoor wood plastic floor in the plastic raw materials are mostly used in polyethylene (PE),plastic flower pots in the philippines and indoor flooring more colorful The plastic material is polyvinyl chloride (pvc).
    Wooden flooring is made of wood-plastic composite floor, with the same processing characteristics of wood, the use of ordinary tools can be sawing, drilling, on the nail, very convenient, can be used as ordinary wood. (Floor, fence, chair stool, garden or waterfront landscape, etc.), but also replace the port, the terminal, the pier Such as the use of wood components, can also be used to replace the production of wood packaging, pallets,how to adapt to upvc external coverage, fiji islands warehouse pads and so on.
    Wood flooring because of its waterproof features, most applications applied outdoors. However, if the indoor floor is often wet, often friction, the need for non-slip, wood flooring is the best choice for indoor flooring, such as wood plastic floor is mainly used for bathroom, bathroom, kitchen ground. Hong Kong, foreign coffee shop bar indoor and outdoor ground often use wood flooring.
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