Table planner for event management software:

  • Hiring an   Latest event data management platform  team would be the best option for you. “GuestDeck”, can help you out to pick and choose from different sessions to make their own dynamic track throughout the course of the overall event.  Management the event is very important as there are many things which are to be taken care of to make it a successful one. You can quickly and easily extract that data and populate it into name badges once registration is closed and all information has been collected from attendees, for attendees to wear during events. Input your room dimensions and start dragging-and-dropping tables into place. gd

    Custom development is what they specialize at. Every event is different, and there are different needs too, so they are always ready to customize their services and give the best event arrangements.

    • Retrieve leads
    • Custom feature development
    • Event site development
    • Customizable web-based mobile applications for audience interaction
    • Promote partners
    • Deploy in presentations, trade shows, and other events

    With the help of this tool you can build a dynamic, multi-session, multi-track, online event registration process. With GuestDeck you can collaborate with co-workers and clients to build to-scale event table layouts for weddings, parties, meetings, conferences and more.  You can customize table sizes, labels and colors as well as chair types and counts for each table.     You can use this registration services to register, modify, cancel and refund attendees.

    With the help of table planner you can have:

    • Easily arrange table layouts on the fly
    • Ability to generate catering reports from guest details
    • Optional rules such as groupings and price tiers.
    • View guest information including who is seated is where which guests have not been seated yet, and quickly access detailed guest profiles.